Safety Philosophy

The safety philosophy of Anderson Electric is founded in the principles that accidents are preventable, and that safety is the responsibility of every employee all the time.  Our program has the safety and health of our employees as its core and shall be considered part of management’s total responsibility for the business. It is further believed that an effective safety and health program must receive the balanced and consistent commitment from all levels of management.  Safety will not be second or third to quality or production.  Safety and health responsibility is not an island of involvement but an integral part of our total management philosophy.

Viewing employees as our most important asset, management provides a workplace constructed and maintained to high standards.  Our workplaces are operated in compliance with governmental regulations.  Employees are oriented, trained, and counseled on how to perform their jobs safely, efficiently and effectively. 

Through a consistent application of these concepts, an atmosphere conducive to good safety attitudes of individual employees is established. In the final analysis, safety is an individual effort toward the group goal of an injury free workplace. Anderson Electric is committed to safety.

As a testament to the safe performance of both company and our 200 employees we have consistently been the recipients of annual safety awards since 1994.